Authors are now judged by their Twitter followers, and it's a world gone mad

I was having lunch recently with the woman who negotiates appearance fees and contracts on my behalf. I had told her that once I finish the book I’ve been writing, I want to see if I might get more of the public appearance work I’ve been doing since leaving my job two years ago as the host of a national radio show. I enjoy this new work: it’s remunerative – especially relative to what I made in public radio – and the folks who have been hiring me seem to think I’m pretty darn good at it. So

Where's the outrage? Congress changes savings accounts and retirement funds, and America sleeps

Do you remember where you were six years ago? Probably not. It was a long, long time ago. December 2008 is not one of those dates that gets burned on your brain, like the moon landing, or D-Day, or the end of Seinfeld. But I remember where I was. I was at my post as the host of a personal finance show on national radio, and I was taking calls from people all over the country who were a) furious that their tax dollars were siphoned off to pay for a massive bank bailout that crashed the world eco

'Instead of leaning in, I leaned out': why women still need feminism

I admit that I was one of those women who in college and early in my career tended to roll their eyes at the idea of bra-burning and other aspects of second-wave feminism. I thought it was all kind of silly. I mean come on: if you don’t get called on in class, just stand up until the professor can’t ignore you! If guys are treating you unequally at the office (or in my case, the newsroom) just call them out and make the case for yourself! It’s not rocket science! You don’t need to go making a bi